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Terrel Daniel Photography
Terrel Daniel Photographer

This will be the third “About” page I’ve written in the last 48 hours, it’s tough writing about yourself.  My name is Terrel Daniel and I am a photographer who lives in Eastern Passage NS.  My family is very supportive of the long hours I dedicate to photography and chasing light and for that I am grateful.  As my journey continues, I want to capture moments I can share with you that last forever.  I love to have a good laugh and have no problem cracking a smile or joke to help keep people at ease.  Most people are not so eager to jump in front of a photographer’s camera, so I take pride in helping them become comfortable during their time with me.  I love to take portraits and the reaction of a great shot is what keeps me motivated.  My creativity loves to jump out and splash itself into my shots which is when you see the crazy perspectives in my street photography images. 


These days everyone has a smartphone and have the ability to take a picture.  Some I’ve seen are pretty amazing.  I used to think I was taking some great photos with my phone but looking back after completing a photography diploma with Shaw Academy and studying composition those photos back then were not so great after all.  If you are looking for great images or have a project in mind, contact me so we can chase the light and create together.  I should “PLUG” my Instagram now before you go and look around my website.   


Follow me on Instagram @harbour_city


I look forward to talking to you soon.  Later!

My Clients

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